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At PAK MINERALS & REFRACTORY INDUSTRY (PMRI), we take pride in our brand Pak-Magnesia®, which is recognized globally for its quality and reliability. We are a certified ISO9001:2015, QA INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION LIMITED, committed to producing and supplying the finest Light Burnt Magnesium Oxide (CCM Magnesia)available. Our state-of-the-art processing plants located in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan, enable us to cater to a diverse customer base, both locally and internationally.

Pak-Magnesia offers a wide variety of magnesia products to meet the needs of customers both in Pakistan and around the world. With our unmatched applications expertise and the broadest product mix available, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy almost all end-use demands.

Pak Magnesia Specialists

The corporate principles that we have developed and followed for several decades are integrity, reliability and respect for man the environment.

Our mission is to exploit and process mineral raw materials supplying quality products to a broad spectrum of industries and to become the preferred supplier of Magnesia based products and services worldwide by solving customer problems and providing superior value.

Our products serve as raw materials for hundreds of finished goods which in turn are used by millions of people all over the world.

We are committed to a leading role in the international market of magnesite, caustic and deadburned magnesia as well as basic monolithic refractories and to becoming incresingly global in both production and commercial

Production Process

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Research &
Development Center

Pak Magnesia is committed to the philosophy of “Kaizen,” which involves incremental improvements from the bottom up. Our team is empowered to drive changes, learning, and process improvements on the factory floor to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

We value a learning culture and prioritize investments in R&D to improve our processes, procedures, and product development. Our team is always eager to adopt the latest industry advancements and practices, which are reflected in the superior quality of our products.

Our factory premises houses a modern R&D center with cutting-edge instruments and apparatus. We have assembled a team of highly qualified and skilled chemists, analysts, and engineers who are committed to carrying out research aimed at enhancing our process and product improvement techniques, to improve the quality of our final products and add value for our customers. In addition to product development, our R&D team also provides technical support and after-sales service to our valued customers.

This culture of learning makes Pak Magnesia focus on improving its processes, procedures, and developments through extensive investments in R&D. Our team is always prepared to adapt to the industry’s latest advancements and practices, which is evident by the quality of our product.

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Best Sellers

Nature’s Creation of Top-Quality Magnesite

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Nature creates raw materials, and humans use their intelligence to turn them into high-quality products. Our PAKMAG95®HR is a rare, naturally occurring, highly pure form of calcined magnesium oxide, mined and processed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. This natural product is an excellent substitute for expensive synthetic magnesium oxides and is suitable for a wide range of specialized applications.

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Giving back to the environment

Many industries strive to reduce their negative impact on the environment, and this has been a priority for over a century. Our company is committed to protecting the earth’s valuable resources, such as clean air, water, and vegetation. We prioritize using non-toxic materials in our mining and production processes and utilize thickeners to recycle over 90% of the water used. Our filtration systems effectively control emissions, and we aim to replace fossil fuels with sustainable biomass. We also use advanced software and methods to restore natural areas, including surface planning, automated watering, and revegetation using trees from our nursery.
Our company also develops products that benefit the environment, such as soil decontamination and treatments for wastewater and flue gas using magnesium oxide.