Magnesium Oxide Applications

Magnesium Oxide is used in several industrial applications including



Magnesium serves as a binder in grinding wheels.

Animal feed supplement

Magnesium provides essential nutrition to livestock and poultry.

Boiler (oil-fired) additives

Magnesium-containing materials can be added to oil-fired boilers to reduce corrosion of steel pipes holding steam and sulfur emissions.


Magnesium is a starting point for the production of other magnesium salts such as sulfate and nitrate.


Magnesium is used as a pigment extender in paint and varnish.

Construction (MgO Board):

Magnesium oxide is used as a basic ingredient in oxychloride cements that are used for flooring, wallboard, fiberboard, and tile.


Magnesium is a source of essential nutrients for plant nutrition.


Magnesium serves as a catalyst and water acceptor in shell molding.

Glass manufacture

Magnesium is used as an ingredient for specialty, scientific, and decorative glassware and fiberglass.


Magnesium is used to make light, flexible mats for insulating pipes.

Lubricating oils

Magnesium can be added as an additive to neutralize acids in lubricating oils.


Magnesium is used as a semiconductor and as an insulating filler between wire and outer sheath in heating elements.


Special grades of magnesium hydroxide, oxide, and carbonate are used in antacids, cosmetics, toothpaste, and ointments

Plastics manufacture

Magnesium is used as a filler, acid acceptor, thickener catalyst, and pigment extender in plastic production.

Refractory and ceramics

Magnesium is a basic ingredient in product formulations for the steel industry.

Rubber compounding

Magnesium is used as a filler, acid acceptor, anti-scorch ingredient, curing aid, and pigment in rubber production.

Steel industry

Magnesium is used in the annealing process and as a coating for grain-oriented silicon steel used in electrical transformers.